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Okay comics folks I just picked up the Avengers Assemble Age of Ultron tie-in from last week and YOU GUYS A HIJABI LADY SUPERHERO IS NOW CAPTAIN BRITAIN WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS

So this just found its way back around to my Tumblr feed! Blimey.

This was a thing I thought up in the shower, just a thing that seemed really obvious. Captain Britain knows he’s going to die, who does he pass the torch to? Faiza. Duh. Honestly, who else would it be? In any circumstances?

She’s NHS.¬†Come on.

But it’s so great to look through the notes and the likes and see how happy it’s making people. If I ever get the chance to write Marvel UK on a regular basis - no promises about that ever happening, but if I do - I’ll definitely do it again. (Except the killing Brian off part, mind. Who wants that?)

Of course, I wouldn’t have even thought of it without Faiza being so brilliant that it was the obvious thing to do, and she was created that way by the lovely Paul Cornell. Her adventures with MI:13 are all available in trade and on digital in the Captain Britain And MI:13 series, written by Paul, where she became holder of Excalibur and also fought Dracula. Pick them up if you can, they’re great.

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