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American Captain Presents: Yellin’ About Art


Well, folks, this is an epic comic of epic length by American Captain standards. I don’t know what I was doing, I guess I just really didn’t want to work on my thesis. 

I hope the way I have posted it will work, but bear with me if it doesn’t - I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. One is putting it on its own tumblr page, which is here:

But without further ado:

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I’m a big fan of this comic for various reasons, but one of them is that Captain America should have discussions about art constantly, at all times. Or culture in general.

Thanks to Marvel Time, he was constantly unfrozen ‘roughly ten years ago’. So he can come to terms with the Kennedy Assassination, the hippie movement, Nixon, Reagan, the evolution of the high and low arts, but then he has to do it all over again because time has shifted. Going by the ten year rule, he came out in a post 9/11 world, where even the incredible cultural shifts that he previously had to assimilate under people like Englehart and Stern were being forgotten, beneath notice compared to the massive changes that are still happening now.

I suppose the only workable thing - if you treat him as a soldier/fighter and nothing else - is that he ends up like Jamie McCrimmon, needing a thing explained once and then just accepting it as ‘the future’. I remember Jamie needing a train explained to him after he’d been on a spaceship. Or there was one time he and the Doctor came across a hovercraft and he just refused to believe it - “och, that’s daft” - again, after spending time in space. Later in the same story he demonstrated that he’d picked up enough modern culture to do a convincing James Bond.

So, yeah, Jamie McCrimmon. Or Buck Rogers, I suppose. We’ve reached the point where Cap’s ‘home era’ is so different from our own that he might as well be Buck Rogers.

So, yeah, I’ve rambled myself into a corner. Hopefully it was semi-interesting.

If I ever wrote Cap it’d be all about interrogating culture. He’d increasingly blow off his Avengers duties to spend more time in the library learning about Rod Serling and Busy Bee Starsky.

Every issue would end with him huddled in the foetal position in his room at Avengers Mansion, rewinding Nixon saying SOCK IT TO MEEEEE? over and over.

Fade to black.

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