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Cover by NIC KLEIN
ULTRON RULES OK! The AGE OF ULTRON hits Britain, and Captain Britain hits back with a little help from his friends - including a vacationing Captain Marvel! Fighting a guerilla war in the ruins of London, AGGRO! is a way of life for Avengers UK - but when they might just be the last super heroes left alive, can there still be hope? Or is England dreaming?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

So this is me checking off the ‘do a UK-based story’ box early on. More on this closer to the time, but pre-order now!
How close can I get to the ‘Aggro’ model? Hard to say yet. There will be flavours of it, definitely, as well as hints of the less VIOLENT direction that Captain Britain fans have come to expect. There will also be references to hem-hem IMPORTANT CULTURAL TOUCHSTONES like the ZX Spectrum, Dr Who and that big gold plastic statue of Freddy Mercury. And some of Brian’s supporting cast are back to say hello, as well as some brand new characters who I feel SPEAK TO MODERN BRITAIN oh all right the 1980s.
I am replacing the ‘gun vs frock’ debate with GUN VS TUMBLR and it is a war both sides can win! Come and see for yourself in May.

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    Faiza, Pete and MI:13 plz.
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    Al Ewing (who’s done some great work for 2000 AD) at Marvel! Captains Marvel and Britain! As far as I’m concerned, THIS...
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    Ooooo…Al is writing Avengers Assemble? And it’s got Captain Britain in it? Yes. Yes…we’re having this. Definitely.
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