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Dan Mcdaid


I kind of feel like Dredd and Cap would make a good team - there’s something Frank Robbins-y about Cap here, and I like the idea of 70s-80s Cap and 70s-80s Dredd going a few rounds. They’d never get along, but there wouldn’t be a clear winner out of the two of them - neither could convince the other that they were in the wrong.

(Bit like Dredd’s relationship with Batman, really, except Batman doesn’t wear the flag of the system that Mega-City One replaced. Good Lord - choke - would Cap fight for Robert L Booth? Or kill him the way he did Nixon?)

(An aside: I love the fact that Cap watched Richard Nixon shoot himself. And fought a half-snake, half-Ronald Reagan. He should fight every President in some bizarre circumstance or other. “Captain America! My drones — they’re under the Machinesmith’s insidious control! And now — YOU’RE on the kill list!” But I digress.)

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