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Fighting Against Sexual Harassers at Comicons


Every woman I know who regularly attends comics conventions—cons—has a story. We compare them like trading cards while we talk about which parties to avoid, which editors have a reputation for getting handsy after a few drinks. These are the things we tell each other, take new kids aside and whisper in their ears: which cons will have your back if you report a harasser, which colleagues you can trust to walk you back to your hotel. We make plans, check in, watch each other’s drinks at professional events, watch each other’s backs on the con floor.

Talking about cons, harassment, and culture of silence over at Women’s Review of Books.


Here’s where I’ll be.


2pm - Doctor Who panel. Location - Room 1A10. This is all about the Titan Comics Doctor Who books, so I’ll be saying some things about that.

On the website, it says I’m on the 2000AD panel, which is happening at the same time - unfortunately, I had to pick one, and I picked Who because I’ve done more Who than 2000AD over the last year. Sorry to 2000AD bods who were hoping to see me on that panel - I’ll be hopefully signing at the 2000AD booth, and I’ll let you know more about that when I get the details.

3.30pm - Signing at the Titan Booth, which is #2142. This is Doctor Who oriented, but I will sign ANYTHING. So don’t be afraid to bring Marvel stuff!


12pm - Signing at the Titan Booth, #2142. Same deal.


3.30pm - Signing at the Titan  Booth, #2142.

So there are three chances to get me to sign things! And I fully expect to hear more about possible signing times from other people in the near future - 2000AD and Marvel spring to mind - at which point I’ll update this and repost it.

In terms of where I’ll be the rest of the time - hanging around the Titan and 2000AD booths seems like a good bet. And also exploring the wilds of New York!

More updates to come, probably.

In the past decade, the court has required Bulgaria to care properly for people with mental and physical disabilities, and Austria to allow same-sex couples to adopt each other’s children. It has forced Cyprus to take action against sex trafficking and Moldova to halt state censorship of TV. Its judgments have compelled improvements in Russian prisons, and more effective punishment of domestic violence in Turkey.

In France, laws have been passed to protect domestic servants from forced labour, while illegitimate children now have equal rights to inheritance.

Britain has been obliged to take greater care of vulnerable prisoners, regulate the monitoring of employees’ communications, protect the anonymity of journalists’ sources, bring the age of consent for gay people in line with that for heterosexuals and force local councils to observe proper safeguards in evictions.

These are the terrifying things the European Court of Human Rights gets up to. No wonder the Tories loathe it.

( - this is a fascinating article in general, actually, laying out what the court does, and suggesting just how rabid the UK right’s objection is to an institution that even Putin’s Russia regularly goes along with.)

On sexism, sexual assault and the threat of the ‘non-bro’


Powerful article, spelling out something that obviously needs spelling out, at least for some men. Men who define themselves primarily against other men are by no means immune from being awful to women - and in fact (as the grim examples in this piece show) will find different ways to police women, in the apparent knowledge that maintaining the identity of the in-group will usually prove more important than ensuring the safety of people within it.

(And this is also, obviously, true of men - and let’s face it, I am one of these men - who enjoy feeling on some level more virtuous/humane/smart etc than alt-bros, tech-bros, dawk-bros etc. Negative self-definition is probably inevitable, even useful and healthy to some degree, but in itself it doesn’t make you a better person to the people around you.)

Tell Intel that legitimizing the actions of *gamer*gate* is unacceptable.



Click above to send them feedback, use my form letter if you like:

Dear Intel,

I am appalled by your decision to end your advertising campaign with the website Gamasutra. The people who convinced you to take these steps have been harassing and threatening women online for months, and your decision legitimizes their efforts. Everyone from TIME Magazine to the New Yorker have described the deplorable actions taken by those involved in ‪#‎GamerGate‬. By making this decision you are falling squarely on the wrong side of history, and are losing the good favor of sane people everywhere. I urge you to reverse your decision.





FFS Tumblr, can it really be that the ONLY ad anyone has bought on you that targets me is fucking “BoJack Horseman”? Which looks SHITE by the way. FIVE TIMES on my dashboard overnight. SELL ADS TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

I’ve had it about that many times as well.

BoJack Horseman’s a pretty good show, not that anyone on Tumblr UK will ever know it because they’ve now been fully conditioned, Clockwork Orange style, to associate it with anger and frustration. Good work team!

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