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Forbidden Planet Doctor Who Signings announced


Forbidden Planet Doctor Who Signings announced

Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor #1 -  Des Taylor Variant Cover Doctor Who - Eleventh Doctor #1 -  Des Taylor Variant Cover

Celebrate all things Doctor Who at Forbidden Planet later this month, when Rob Williams and Al Ewing sign the store’s exclusive Variant Cover of Doctor Who 11th #1 in Bristol on 26th July from 3 – 4pm. (yes, we know – yet another variant!)

They will be joined in London on 2nd August by Variant Cover artist Des Taylor to sign both Doctor Who 10th #1 and Doctor Who 11th #1, also from 3 – 4.00pm.

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“Of all the songs that I expected to hear at a Gillen/McKelvie launch party, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” was not one of them. Neither was “Hot in Herrre.””

Kelly WomenWriteAboutComics writes about throwing down at the WicDiv launch party. She doesn’t know us well at all. (via kierongillen)

I was probably exaggerating during that conversation about the old Odhams Press Marvel reprints. BUT NOT BY MUCH.

I really don’t think you were. I was literally JUST IN THE PROCESS of linking back to this old post I did with a bunch of examples in, from a Fantastic annual reprint of X-Men #3.

(Sorry for the shite quality, but it’s such an old battered annual I didn’t want to damage it any further by scanning, so I took photos.)

"Spoken like a true son of the West, my friend! West Bromwich, that is!"

This warms my heart.

Rupert Murdoch’s money flooded that courtroom. It flowed into the defence of Rebekah Brooks, because he backed her; and to the defence of Andy Coulson, because Coulson had sued and forced him to pay. Lawyers and court reporters who spend their working lives at the Old Bailey agreed they had never seen anything like it, this multimillion-pound Rolls-Royce engine purring through the proceedings. Soon we found ourselves watching the power of the private purse knocking six bells out of the underfunded public sector.
Nick Davies writes lengthily and brilliantly about the Hacking trial. (via kierongillen)
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