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Are you an LGBT creator who could use some money to help you self-publish your comic? Then you might want to check out Prism Comics’s Queer Press Grant, now open for submissions!

Prism Comics offers an annual financial grant to help aspiring LGBT comics creators publish and promote their comics. The Queer Press Grant is funded by donations from readers, established creators with the desire to help those just starting out, and fans who want to see more LGBT stories get published.

“It’s an exciting time for LGBT comics creators.” says Ted Abenheim, president of Prism Comics. “Every day there are new artists and writers creating comics which present the wide diversity of LGBT experience. Great works of serious literary merit, but although the comics industry has begun to embrace LGBT comics, it is still difficult and expensive for independent and aspiring comics creators to get their comics into the hands of readers. The Queer Press Grant helps self-publishing LGBT comics creators accomplish this goal.”

Past winners include Megan Rose Gedris for “YU+ME:dream”, Pam Harrison for “House of Muses”, Tana Ford for “Duck”, Christine Smith for “The Princess”, Blue Deliquanti for “O Human Star”, and Hazel Newlevant for “If This Be Sin

Go to the Queer Press Grant page for instructions on how to apply. The deadline for proposals is Monday, September 1, 2014. The grant will be awarded at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco October 4-5, 2014.

Prism will also be exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con next month, conducting portfolio reviews, presenting panels, and hosting creator signings.

I had no idea this was a thing, and I’m so happy that it is.

gpack3 asked:

Do Power Man's powers work outside of New York?

Yes, but not as well. They work better the more he knows about the place he’s in, and while Monica’s making him do a lot of homework and study, nothing beats personal experience. New York is the place he knows best, so that’s where he’s strongest.

The upside is that he’s only going to get stronger as he makes new memories in new and strange places, which, given the superhero lifestyle, he almost certainly will. And he might get better at leaning about places by reading their chi, too.

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