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FFS Tumblr, can it really be that the ONLY ad anyone has bought on you that targets me is fucking “BoJack Horseman”? Which looks SHITE by the way. FIVE TIMES on my dashboard overnight. SELL ADS TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

I’ve had it about that many times as well.

BoJack Horseman’s a pretty good show, not that anyone on Tumblr UK will ever know it because they’ve now been fully conditioned, Clockwork Orange style, to associate it with anger and frustration. Good work team!

Benefit Politics


Analysis as a coping mechanism for political fuckery, part N.

So. The Tories have successfully created a bogeyman in people’s minds: the feckless benefit scrounger bleeding the state dry and squandering the taxes of “hard working families”.

It’s classic “deserving poor vs undeserving poor” stuff, and there’s little point in denying that it’s worked. Polls suggest a lot of people still want benefits cut. The Tories’ emotive language on this is backed up by a series of examples, both national - the “benefits bought me a mansion” type of stories the Daily Mail loves - and local - most people will say they ‘know of’ families on the fiddle. So the policies get harsher and harsher.

And yet Tory polls are flatlined. The Tories face an opposition with little charisma or fight, but they can’t gain any ground. Austerity simply hasn’t been a vote-winner, however people feel about benefits.

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smiledesu asked:

Hi once again, Mr. Ewing. Another question regarding you and NYCC. I finally saw you on the panelists' list, but you had no exhibitor table. Will you have one? And if not, will it be at all possible to have you sign something? D:

No table this time, but I will be signing - I’ll have regular signing times at the Titan Comics table, and I’m reasonably sure Marvel and/or 2000AD will want me to sign as well at some point in the weekend.

I’ll post my signing schedule in full once I’ve got a clearer idea of it, but I’ll try and make sure I’m available more than that. I have a tendency to hang around the 2000AD booth and I’ll probably add the Titan booth to my list of regular haunts this year.

I’ll sign pretty much anything you put in front of me, so don’t feel bad about coming to the Titan or 2000AD booth with Marvel stuff!



By Andrew Wheeler

As a man who reads superhero comics, I confess that I share a commonly-held prurient interest in big-chested, long-legged heroes in skin-baring costumes that barely cover their naughty bits — or as I like to call him, Namor.

Sadly, Namor is pretty much alone in his category. Contrary to the perception that male heroes in comics are frequently sexually objectified, it’s my experience that even Namor is only rarely presented as someone to lust over. Yet I’m fortunate that my tastes run towards the Hemsworth end of the scale. Like many straight men, I admire the kind of buff dudes that are the staple of superhero comics, even though they are rarely sexualized. If I shared the tastes of most of the women I know, I think I’d find superhero comics an even more frustratingly sexless wasteland.

Big muscles are a male fantasy. That’s not to say that women aren’t ever into them, but let’s face facts; women have never been the primary target audience for superhero comics, and male heroes are drawn with big muscles anyway. Make no mistake; women are there. But those big muscles are not there for women. They’re there for men; straight men who find male power exhilarating. If women didn’t exist, superheroes would be drawn just as buff as they are today — because as far as most superhero comics are concerned, women as consumers do not exist.

Yet I’ve seen it said more times than I can count that male heroes are objectified, sexualized, idealized, just the same as the women — because they’re big and ripped and dressed in tight costumes. It’s an idea that’s completely tied up in the narcissistic notion that androphile women are attracted to the same qualities that men find appealing.

Talk to a few women, and you’ll find that’s broadly untrue.


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